Electronic Logging Devices

Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) – Definitions, Requirements, And Specifications

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)An electronic logging device (ELD) is electronic hardware that is attached to a commercial motor vehicle engine to record driving hours.

The driving hours of commercial drivers (truck and bus drivers) are regulated by a set of rules known as the hours of service (HOS).

The Commercial Vehicle Driver Hours of Service Regulations vary in Canada and the United States. More Information…

An ELD is a device that:

  • Records a commercial motor vehicle’s driving time
  • Records the driver’s hours of operation
  • Is synchronized with the engine of the vehicle
  • Electronically displays and transfers ELD information
  • Monitors engine data such as:
    • Engine power status
    • Vehicle motion status
    • Miles driven
    • Engine hours
  • Records data such as:
    • Date & Time
    • Geographic (GPS) Information
    • Engine hours
    • Vehicle miles
    • Driver identification
    • Vehicle identification
  • Records events such as:
    • Engine power up and shut down
    • Driver login/logout
    • Duty status changes
    • Personal usage
    • Malfunction of diagnostic events


OBD-II & Electronic Engine Management Systems
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