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Harsh Environment PLC With Ethernet, Serial Communications, Analog I/O, Digital I/O And Real Time Clock

Divelbiss HEC-P6000 Harsh Environment PLC with Ethernet, Serial Communications, Analog I:O, Digital I:O and Real Time Clock
Divelbiss HEC-P6000 Harsh Environment PLC with Ethernet, Serial Communications, Analog I:O, Digital I:O and Real Time Clock

Divelbiss announced the introduction of the HEC-P6000 Family of controllers, offering control and communications capability for harsh environments. Programmed using the Divelbiss EZ Ladder Toolkit in Ladder Diagram, Function Block, and Structured Text, and based on P-Series PLC on a Chip technology, the HEC-P6000 family is designed for controlling mobile equipment, communicating with various serial buses and communications protocols, logging system data, or adding Internet of Things (IoT) capability to existing systems with the Divelbiss VersaCloud M2M platform.

Featuring a sealed enclosure that is designed for the harsh duty commonly found in mobile environments, HEC-P6000 controllers have 14 digital inputs, 3 high speed counter inputs, a quadrature encoder interface, 14 digital outputs rated for 2A each (of which 12 are PWM capable), and more analog I/O than any previous HEC controller; including 4 analog inputs which are user configurable as 0-5V, 0-10V, or 0-20mA inputs and 2 analog outputs which are 0-10VDC. If additional I/O is required, the CAN and serial ports may be utilized to communicate to expansion I/O or additional controllers. The controllers feature two serial ports, which are user configurable as RS232 or RS485, and supports MODBUS RTU/ASCII protocols as either a Master or a Slave device. The serial ports are also directly programmable via the Structured Text programming language, allowing the implementation of custom protocols, for communicating to bar code scanners, RFID readers, or other serial devices. Two CAN ports are available and fully support the SAE J1939 and NMEA2000 protocols. Ethernet and Wi-Fi ports can be used for MODBUS TCP Server and Client communications, as well as IoT communications with the VersaCloud M2M platform. HEC-P6000 controllers have optional cellular capability for communicating with the VersaCloud M2M platform.  A GPS option is also available.

For applications that require data logging, HEC-P6000 controllers are available with a Real-Time-Clock, 512K of battery backed SRAM, and internal Micro SD card socket.  .  When utilized with the Divelbiss VersaCloud M2M platform, HEC-P6000 family controllers can communicate data to VersaCloud, where it is date/time stamped and stored in the Cloud database for later viewing, analysis, and export. HEC-P6000 family controllers support supply voltages from 8-32VDC and have an operating temperature range of -40°C to +80°C.

HEC-P6000 family controllers give the user the ability provide machine control, Data Logging and IoT Connectivity to virtually any application in the mobile, industrial, environmental, agricultural, construction, and other markets.  As a part of the Divelbiss VersaCloud M2M end-to-end IoT connectivity solution, HEC-P6000 controllers provide a system to enable remote control and communications.

Industrial Network Basics - Practical Guides for the Industrial Technician
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“Industrial Network Basics” is a resource that serves as a practical guide in understanding traditional network technology and protocols before moving into the essentials of the network technologies used in manufacturing, automation, machine and process control systems. Whether you work as a technician or as a design engineer, “Industrial Network Basics” speaks to the world of possibilities available for machine and process control in a clear and understandable language. Special emphasis is given to the unique characteristics of popular fieldbus protocols and the integration of complementary high speed “backbone” applications such as FF-HSE, Ethernet/IP and ProfiNet. The foremost industrial Ethernet and fieldbus applications are covered with one objective, to give the reader a solid foundation in network communications with equipment such as “smart” I/O blocks, programmable automation controllers, SCADA systems and a wide array of other “intelligent” field devices that are used in modern DCS environments. Included in the many topics covered:

  • Physical wiring media such as UTP, STP, Coax and Fiber-optic cable and connectors
  • Understanding how physical wiring is rated
  • Typical network topologies
  • Understanding Bandwidth
  • Broadband & Baseband
  • Decimal, Binary and Hexadecimal conversion
  • Understanding the OSI layers
  • TCP/IP and other protocols used in both traditional networks and “industrial networks”
  • Fieldbus Technologies such as FF-H1, Profibus, DeviceNet and RS-485 networks
  • High speed “backbone” applications such as ProfiNet, FF-HSE, EtherNet/IP and Sercos III
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