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WPC V1.2 Compliant Wireless Power Transmitter Delivers Up To 15W

TI bq501210 WPC v1.2 Wireless Power Transmitter
TI bq501210 WPC v1.2 Wireless Power Transmitter

Texas Instruments’ bq501210 wireless power transmitter is designed for personal electronics, medical, and space-constrained industrial applications. The bq501210 enables 84% system efficiency while using less thermal dissipation. Industrial end equipment such as electronic point-of-sale (POS) devices and handheld medical equipment reap the benefits of 15 W wireless power. Its fixed-frequency operation helps improve efficiency as well as reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI). It also features fast-charge negotiation with mobile devices enables the transfer of up to 10 W to compatible receivers. The high-voltage dedicated charging port (HVDCP) protocol negotiates with capable ac/dc wall adapters to adjust the input voltage. The rail control output provides power to deliver a full 15 W with inputs between 15 and 19 V, and enables lower power operation, such as 5 W, with inputs as low as 5 V.


  • Qi-Certified Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) v1.2 Solution for 15-W Operation
    • Faster Charging Time
    • Backward Compatible With Existing 5-W WPC Receivers
  • 12-V to 19-V Input, Fixed Frequency, Rail Voltage Control Architecture
    • 15 V to 19 V can achieve 15 W
    • 9 V and 12 V capable for HVDCP
    • Dynamic Power Limiting (DPL) Allows Operation From Weak Supplies
  • Conforms to WPC MP-A5 Transmitter Type Specification
  • Enhanced Foreign Objection Detection (FOD) Implementation With FOD Ping that Detects Metal Objects Prior to Power Transfer
  • Low Standby Power During Idle and ‘Charge Complete’
  • Bi-directional Communication
  • Digital Demodulation Reduces Components and Simplifies Circuitry
  • Support Fast Charge Operation with Compatible Receivers
  • 10 Configurable LED Modes Indicate Charging State and Fault Status

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