CAN Bus Guide

CAN Bus Guide – CAN-in-Automation (CiA)

A Comprehensible Guide to Controller Area Network (CAN Bus) by Wilfried Voss
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“CAN in Automation (CiA) is the international users’ and manufacturers’ organization that develops and supports CAN Standards and CAN-based higher-layer protocols. All activities are based on CiA members’ interest, participation and initiative.

CiA representatives actively support international standardization of CAN protocols and represent the members’ interest in national and international standardization committees, such as ISO and IEC.

CiA members initiate and develop specifications that are then published as CiA standards. These specifications cover physical layer definitions as well as application layer and device profile descriptions.”


And no, CAN-In-Automation (CiA) is not associated with the United States Department of Homeland Security; it was just a poor choice of acronym.