CAN Bus Guide

CAN Bus Guide – Benefits Of Using CAN

A Comprehensible Guide to Controller Area Network (CAN Bus) by Wilfried Voss
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Controller Area Network, like any field-bus system that is based on serial communication, will reduce wiring, which was originally considered only as an advantageous side effect. Distributed control, i.e. the use of a multi-processor system, will consequently result in increased performance and the vastly reduced costs of microcontroller chips in the market made the use of multiple processors in one system affordable. Other advantages are increased reliability and improved service and maintenance features.

Another major benefit of applying the CAN technology is apparent during the timely and therefore costly hardware and software development process. Two layers, the Physical Layer and the Data Link Layer, as defined in the ISO 11898 standard, are already implemented in silicon, either in the form of a stand-alone CAN controller or integrated in multi-function single-chip microcontrollers.